Advantages of Diamond Coated Cutting Tools

Diamond is the hardest known material. It provides a standard against which other materials are compared to. As such, it is the longest wearing surface of any material. Diamond's extremely high thermal conductivity removes heat from the cutting edge also helps to extend life.

The diamond coating process allows us to take advantage of diamond's properties on complex shapes such as diamond coated end mills, drills, and threadmills at a reasonable cost.

Our diamond coated end mills last 12 to 20 times as long as bare tungsten carbide tools when machining graphite. Experience in other materials such as green ceramics and composite machining show multiples of bare carbide life as high as 70 times!

The benefits of using our diamond coated end mills include:

· Longest life of any tool

· Best edge retention for consistent finish

· Best tolerance retention

· Lowest overall cost of tooling

· Decreased down time for tool changes

· Higher productivity from increased feeds and speeds


CVD diamond coated end mills last 12 to 20 times or even longer than tungsten carbide tools when machining graphite. They stay sharp throughout their useful life and allow complete machining of any electrode with no downtime to change tools. This allows lights out machining of electrodes. Since the machining speeds for diamond coated tools can be increased by as much as 2-3 times that of tungsten carbide, higher productivity is a direct result.

Composite machining is often avoided due to the abrasive nature of these materials. With CVD Diamond's tools lasting up to 70 times!! as long as bare carbide, the machining of composite materials has become much more economical.